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Welcome to the Northwest Corridor (I-75/I-575) Project website!  This site is designed to be updated periodically to provide information and materials on the project as they become available, advertise upcoming public meetings, and provide a forum for you to comment and ask questions.

You can click on the header tabs to read an overview of the project including project history and learn about the details of the process, download concept layouts, and view newsletters and presentations.  The Education Center tab provides information on the EIS process, similar systems across the country, a glossary and frequently asked questions.  Click on the Contact Us tab for project staff and a feedback form.

To remain informed about the important project, please visit often for the most up-to-date information and check the What’s New area to the right frequently.

The Northwest I-75/I575 HOV/BRT website can still be accessed here >


If at any time you'd like to return to this page, simply click on the project logo in the upper left corner of this page.

The Environmental Reevaluation 3 is available here >

The Environmental Reevaluation for the Phase II Areas is available here >

The Environmental Reevaluation Phase I-A is available here >

The Environmental Reevaluation for the Phase I Areas and Supporting Documents are available here >

NWCP Record of Decision (ROD) This is the Approval of the EIS >

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Revised 6/23/2015